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A School which believes that every child is a genius.”Knowledge is like a deep well” filled by perennial spring and your mind is the bucket that you into it : you will get as much as you can assimilate. Keeping these words in mind the Defence Public School, Charba, Sahaspur enables its students to imbibe, the essence of knowledge.

The present School has some aims and objectives. The founder had an earnest desire to setup a public school to cater to the educational needs of students community and impart quality education to them. To keep abreast of the latest trends and patterns in the field of education, every endeavour have been made by the school management to provide best facilities to the young learners. In order to enhance the quality of education latest method of pedagogies have been followed and brought into use the management commits itself to providing stress free learning to the children and bringing out allround development in them. School followed the curriculum framed and designed by CBSE and NCERT.

Ancient India reminds us about the ‘Gurukul’ and Traditional Pattern of Education under which the children were left under the care and guidance of Guru. The Students after their successful studies turned out as accomplished scholars. The education imparted in ‘Gurukul’ was free of cost. It would be worth while to quote these lines from renowned Hindi poet late Shri Maithili Sharan Gupt which read :

पढ़ते सहस्त्रो शिष्य हैं, पर फीस भी जाती नहीं । उच्च शिक्षा तुच्छ धन पर , बेच दी जाती नहीं ॥

Tremendous changes have now taken place in the field of education and we have to keep pace with the changing world. The discerning and vigilant parents and guardians have now begun to realised this fact.

Hence, we forge ahead following the adage”old order change yielding place to new.”

Mr. Neelkanth Bhatt (Chairman)

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