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The school import most modern education and aims of high standards in area of education. The method of teaching is based on individual attention and group learing which enables the child to learn through experiences. Teaching programmes are framed to suit the individual needs of each child. Emphasis is laid on building the character and inculcating in the children moral values , and leadership which may go long way in mounding the character of kids.

Curriculum and Co-curriculum

The curriculum is being used on the basis as framed and designed by the CBSE for children to enjoy their learning , develop enquiring minds and developing personal qualities. The purpose is in short is to develop the potential in children and to focus on the all round development of children. The development of skill is a very big part of curriculum. Learning activities have been designed so that pupils . Children are able to develop their skills.


English Curriculum consists of three prominent components :-

Speaking Listening
Reading Writings

In order to communicate effectively with others .Children need to develop a range of speaking skill and to be able to listen and respond to others.

Health Education and Drug Awareness

Children should be made aware about health and good habits . They should be impressed upon the adage, “cleanliness is next to godliness”. They should also be made aware and should desist from bad habits of smoking and using drugs . They should observe laws of personal hygiene and take nutritious diet. The students should be given systematic guidance and advice by their teachers .

Moral Education

It goes without saying that moral education plays a vital role in moulding the character of a child. This should therefore be included in the curriculum for the children. There are other ingredients of moral values , which should be introduced .

Chilren form a vulnerable group of population and should be looked after properly by the school. Parents can contribute substantially in shaping their character . School will strive and make efforts to inculcate moral values in the young learners.

The children are at their liberty to follow their own religion and adhere to its principles.

They should also treat other religion with equal respect. The children should be respectful to their teachers and others. The children should desist from damaging school property and should abide by school rules and regulations and discipline.

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